The international blend of the wines that originate from here
can also be sensed among us as partners: we are a Tuscan and a Californian. We are men of wine.

Our project is one of international character beginning with the partners’ nationalities: Italian and American. Alongside the Casadei family the ownership is, in fact, extended also to the Clines, wine entrepreneurs from the Sonoma Valley.

During a dinner – one of those encounters that change a life and that come to be almost by chance, thanks to the proverbial Italian hospitality – Stefano Casadei and Fred Cline met for the first time. They recognized in each other the same love for the earth
and for wine, the same maniacal research for quality, the same care for the soil, respect for the grapes, and knowledge of the same varieties. In California Fred was already growing Merlot and Syrah. The families themselves reminded each one of the other too.

That evening marked a new beginning: that of an entrepreneurial journey to be shared in full. Speaking the same language, that of good wine.

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